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HorseTap is a platform created with the mission of gathering the equestrians from all over the world in one place: horse riders, horse owners, sponsors and breeders.
The way we share info today is through videos.
Videos of our horse show, videos of our training ride, videos of our foal free jumping and stallion presentation videos.
All the existing platforms and websites provide only a limited reach for all the equestrian’s video available in the world.
The HorseTap mission is to gather all the horse videos in one place.
We felt the need to create a search engine for all the queries you need, where you can search by year of birth, by stallion or by horse name.
You can follow your favorite riders and contact them by chat.
To make this happen we need you. The more we are the more this platform will be a binder of our equestrian world.
Let’s upload the horse video you want to share, this might bring you new opportunities, a new friendship or an important cooperation.
Because the focus of HorseTap are them, our horses.
Our subscription-based model will allow us to keep this environment free from advertising and to focus on delivering you the best sharing video experience we can, instead of monetizing on users’ behavior.
This platform will be a free environment without any advertising or algorithm manipulating what you see and what you don’t.
We will not sell your data to third parties nor use it for market studies.

We are two horse lovers, a pro and an amateur.
We discussed many times how hard is to find the video of certain horses: a horse with a very common name, a horse just seen at a horse show, or a stallion’s progeny. After days and nights spent on the existing websites looking for videos without satisfying results, we have decided to solve this problem. After countless meetings, research, laughs and early mornings spent in the saddle, this platform is born!
We hope it will be useful to you and that you will like it as much as we do.
We are here to deliver the best video sharing experience, so if you think we should improve something or include any additional feature, or you just want to contact us please write to

HorseTap just share!


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